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Your Career Opportunities ACMM

Your Career Opportunities ACMM

Massage Therapists perform therapeutic massage and administer body treatments for health, fitness and remedial purposes. The massage industry offers many different job opportunities and roles.
You will need to consider which course will best suit your desired career pathway. Female lying facing downwards while massage therapist is massaging her shoulders - ACMM

Remedial Massage Therapist

Provides treatment to eliminate/reduce pain and discomfort in the muscles and soft tissue due to dysfunction, imbalance or injury.

They will also help to restore correct muscle movement & function in specific areas of the body:

  • Back, neck, shoulders (to treat headaches, migraines, whiplash etc)
  • Arms, hands, wrists (to treat carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow etc)
  • Hips, legs, feet


According to Australian Government websites, employment for Massage Therapists has risen strongly in the past 10 years. Looking to the future, employment for Massage Therapists to 2022 is expected to grow strongly.


Sports Massage Therapists

Provides preventative and corrective treatments using specific massage techniques to maintain optimal health of the muscles and connective tissues for those people who participate in recreational and professional sporting activities.

They will combine the use of advanced techniques (such as: compression, soft tissue release, neuro-muscular technique, muscle energy technique and sports taping methods) with classic Swedish massage movements.

To enter into the Sports Massage industry, we recommend choosing the Sport & Nutrition stream.

Image of a mans bent leg being massaged just below the nee - ACMM