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Sport and Nutrition Courses

The Sport and Nutrition stream is ideal for students wishing to work as an allied health professional in physiotherapy or chiropractic clinics, health clubs, fitness centres or work with athletes.

SISSSTC301A Instruct strength and conditioning techniques

You will develop the knowledge and skills required to use drills, exercises and activities to instruct strength and conditioning techniques to individual athletes or groups of athletes according to their sport-specific needs, or those undertaking fitness programs to achieve personal fitness goals.


HLTMSG007 Adapt remedial massage practice for athletes

You will learn the skills and knowledge required to determine the remedial massage needs of athletes and to adjust assessment and treatment to develop preventative and injury related treatment strategies for athletes and other sport active people.


SISSSPT307A Conduct advanced taping

You will learn the skills and knowledge to apply taping and bracing techniques including knee joints, Achilles, shoulders and elbows to assist athletes in relation to ongoing injury prevention and post-injury support


HLTHPS010 Interpret and use information about nutrition and diet

You will learn the skills and knowledge required to interpret and use basic information about nutritional principles and healthy diet. It does not include the provision of therapeutic nutritional or dietary advice to individual clients or the recommendation of ‘practitioner only’ nutritional products.

Course units

Core Units

CHCCOM006 Establish and manage client relationships

CHCDIV001: Work with diverse people

HLTMSG001: Develop massage practice

HLTINF004: Manage the control of infection

HLTWHS004: Manage work health and safety

CHCLEG003: Manage legal and ethical compliance

HLTMSG002: Assess client massage needs

HLTMSG004: Provide massage treatment

CHCPRP003: Reflect on and improve own professional practice

CHCPRP005: Engage with health professionals and the health system

HLTMSG003: Perform remedial massage musculoskeletal assessments

HLTAAP003: Analyse and respond to client health information

HLTMSG005: Provide remedial massage treatments

HLTAID003: Provide first aid

HLTMSG006: Adapt Remedial Massage practice to meet specific needs

HLTMSG008: Monitor and evaluate remedial massage treatments

BSBSMB404: Undertake small business planning

Sport & Nutrition Stream

SISSSTC301A Instruct strength and conditioning techniques

HLTMSG007 Adapt remedial massage practice for athletes

SISSSPT307A Conduct advanced taping

HLTHPS010 Interpret and use information about nutrition and diet

Spa & Wellness Stream

SHBBSPA001 Work in a spa therapies framework

SHBBSPA002 Provide spa therapies

SHBBSPA003 Provide stone therapy massages

SHBBSPA004 Provide Indian head massages for relaxation

Upcoming start dates

2018 1st October 2019 24th January

Entry Requirements

Completion of Year 12

Alternatively, candidates who have not completed Year 12, MUST complete a Language, Literacy & Numeracy test.


Domestic Student Fee: $10,000*

Additional fees for uniform and textbook.

There are a number of course payment options available. Please click here to view your options.

*VET Student Loans approved course – for eligible students only. Please refer to the Information Page for further details


Full-time study load
2 days a week for 12 months
At least 16 hours per week of home study 

Students will have to complete 200 hours in the student clinic performing treatments and other clinic duties. These hours will be in addition to the 2 days on-campus for theoretical and practical study.